Saturday, December 1, 2012

I believe I know you

I believe I know you

Through all my sufferings
I believe I know you
Through all my trials and tribulations
I believe I know you
With all the love given to me and through me
I believe I know you
No matter the cost
Heavenly Father
I believe I know you

You’re So Holy
I believe I know you
So wonderful Father
I believe I know you
So good to me
I believe I know you
Through you grace and mercy
I believe I know you
Your word and your voice
I believe I know you

Death, burial and resurrection
I believe I know you
Holy Spirit leads my direction
I believe I know you
Because I am just like you
I believe I know you
These works you show me to do
I believe know you
Through love and affection
I believe know you

Through forgiveness of my offenders
I believe I know you
People leaving me after they agreed with me
I believe I know you
Judged and crucified me
I believe I know you
All for the glory of the Father
I believe I know you
Not my will but your
I believe I know you

I had none to defend me
I believe I know you
No where else to turn
I believe I know you
Mocked, and even spit on
I believe I know you
Abused until I bled
I believe I know you
Sold out by a friend
I believe I know you

Knowing the enemy was there
I believe I know you
Hair torn from my head
I believe I know you
Asked God take this cup from me
I believe I know you
Yet its you that lives in me
I believe I know you
And the burdens we share
I believe I know

Through salvation and patience
I believe I know you
Having its perfect work in me
I believe I know you
Through prayer and supplications
I believe I know you
In spirit and truth
I believe I know you
Though fasting and worshipping
I believe I know you
Psalm 34:19
Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.

I never thought I...

I never thought I say 
good bye to the one I love.

I just understand to the depts now
this scripture

"These people come near to me with their mouth 
and honor me with their lips, 
but their hearts are far from me. 

Isaiah 29:13-16 (New International Version)

13 The Lord says: 
"These people come near to me with their mouth 
and honor me with their lips, 
but their hearts are far from me. 
Their worship of me 
is made up only of rules taught by men. [a] 

14 Therefore once more I will astound these people 
with wonder upon wonder; 
the wisdom of the wise will perish, 
the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish." 

15 Woe to those who go to great depths 
to hide their plans from the LORD, 
who do their work in darkness and think, 
"Who sees us? Who will know?" 

16 You turn things upside down, 
as if the potter were thought to be like the clay! 
Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, 
"He did not make me"? 
Can the pot say of the potter, 
"He knows nothing"?

'Ephasizing on"

"These people come near to me with their mouth 
and honor me with their lips, 
but their hearts are far from me.

God and I have a lot in common the more I study Him, I see, How being born again
I am in Him, His Son Jesus, and they are in me.


I need a honest man
all the way through
from beginning to end
a honest man with integrity
someone willing
to stand up for me
a host to a crowd
but stands humble
not proud
and does not mind
sharing his love
in words
speaks words from his heart
to explain truth
really works
and will protect me
as if I was him
from phony peoples
false accusation &outburst
He will have his buddies
respect his miss
soon to be mrs.
holding his anger
in his grit
demanding respect for me
and him
from them
I need a honest man
that is not a punk
that won't jump
because partners say
He will say
I am not a chump
and if we gonna be friends
then honor my wants
because I love her
I care for her
I want here
and I need her
My love inside
will never leave her
a we can chill
but yaw know the deal
after my business
my quality time with her is near
so he will appear
he will hold me and call me dear
whisper in my ear
I could not wait to
have you here
and I shed a tear
he would hold me tight
I believe in his voice
that says
everything will be alright
his words are sincere
he goals are clear
we trust God
and each other
we have no doubt
nor fear
he is a honest man
loving me like Chrsit
love the church
will give his life
for me
even if it hurts
if I am cold
he will give me
his coat or shirt
because in me
all he sees is worth
far above rubies
or any other jewel
and he will claim
everyman before him
who left me
was a bunch of fools
and I will agree
because I loved them indeed
but he was the first man
that stayed honest with himself
with God
and with me
now that's deep

I just want to do the will of My Father

I just want to do the will of My Father
I just want to do the will of my Father
Holy, Sacred, Powerful, Awesome God
Oh His love
Keeps my heart from breaking
Oh his blood keeps my salvation from shaking
My my my
Is His His His
His will
I tried it all, my way
I even tried to force, my way
And make it seem as if it was, His way
Deceived myself into a lot, of pain
But my faithful God
Took my heavy burdens, away
I never stop seeking, His face
I will never stop
Making you God, first place
His Heavenly Kingdom, reigns grace 
How sweet victory, does taste
His people fail from a lack of knowledge
Religious demons are enslavement
And bondage of the mind
So is lust tempting and fondled
Only the power of God can stop it
I found out over time, in my closet
In secret, mysteries for filled this topic
Wisdom cries in the streets
My testimonies and my word
Over comes the beast
Because of integrity and honesty
With Jesus the Christ, the Word
His blood, blood, blood
Covering me
Using people close and far
To manipulate, hurt, torcher me,
And stop God’s will for me
Trying to control Gods will for me
Me me me
Belong to the Most High God
If you don't like it
Ha Ha Ha
Blah Blah Blah
Your arms and my arms
Are too short to box with God
I submitted all my parts
I just want to do the will of my Father
Omnipotent, Righteous, Just God
He is my potter
I am the clay
And I never would have made it
To this day
Crying to my Lord
Why did they treat me this way and that way?
Break their word
And God’s word they waved
Grieve the Holy Spirit 
They raved
I love them unconditionally
Their sins, I hate
You throw it in the sea of forgetfulness
You forgave
You simply ask me to do
The same
Finally, that destination of understanding
I maintain
So now, I say
Lord forgive them for
They not know what they do
They do it to me
Because they did it to you
They claim to be your sons and daughters
So I pray for them too
But I have on my shield of faith
I suffer long
For your love
To be displayed
No matter how religion behaves
Even though their so called UN intentional
Intentions may have been in vane
I say still
It’s your will
That I crave
So thirsty
So hungry
My soul is longing
It’s only you God who really wants me
And that’s good
Because Father God all I want is you
And it is your will
That I want to do
I ran too
I hid too
I made mistakes too
But your Holy Spirit led me right back to you
So now dealing with peoples
Opinion or false doctrine
I am not bothered
Simply because
I only want to do the will of My Father
I just want to do the will of My Heavenly
My Faithful, My True, My Anointed,
My always on time 
Wonderful Counselor
Eternally Wise Father

Based on a True Story"Onced Engaged"

Let’s get deep
Blood covenant
Mind bondling
Blood slaughtering deep 
Like the sex we had when I was one my period
That week
Blood and soul ties are deep
Including the prayers in Jesus name we agreed
Filled with The Holy Spirit we grieved
Sealed until redemption day we be
Remember me?
I gave you everything
All you every need
Still you turned your back and walked away from me
You said you love me too
Then you broke my heart in two
And I have cried a waterfall all over you
You convinced me your lies were true
I can Noah flood this world again with my tears
But I’d rather die then 
Than you leave me alone here
I’m waiting for Jesus to appear
So I rapture my pain up out of here
And to think you won’t even recognize my Love you once kept near
You were my honey boo
And this was one of my worst fears
If this is what hell is like,
I definitely don’t want to go there
These letters
These teddy bears
These cards
Say that you care
But you pride left me bare
Sitting alone in the dark in a chair
Twisting my hair
So I got to get over you
There was a lot I sacrificed just for you
But your gratefulness ain’t there
Said your thankfulness was rare
And it get’s to me
Because I seen everything
Before you made your false commitments to me
I really wanted to believe
The promises you gave me
Saying oh baby please don’t leave
Jamelle please marry me?
I don’t care what people say, forgive me?
Please stay with me?
Now I am saying the same thing
But I guess only one of us loved truly
Forgiving everything
So bad how you treated me
So sad what you did to me
I asked you to forgive me
But I didn’t do anything wrong honey
Still you still screwed me like a sore that bleeds
Covered with much debree 
But we are both saved
Remember the nights that we prayed
Asking God to bless us to stay together forever and a day
And out of no way make a way
Holding hands on our knees
Saying Heavenly Father we come to thee
Humble as we know how
I wish he would have struck both us down
If I would have known you give on the first mile
Any how
Saying we repent of all our sins
Took ours eyes off Jesus again
Weeks go by and again our passion rose again
Lust led us left back to sin
God called me to ministry
A season after your venue of poetry
So I tried to stop our negativity
I could not be hypocrite on TV
But you kept on pressuring me
But when your turn to preach came around
Suddenly you did not talk now
But everybody heard your mouth
All over town
Now you picked to leave me over a man
Thinking you picked God over me
But you left your greatest ministry
Your wife to be was the church see
And you choose to leave me
After you barrowed all my doe
Never paid me back
That’s alright yo!
You left me out in the cold
No food and my car was broke
Fed the homeless but not your fiancé
Study the Word with your buddy
But not your supposed future wife on any day
Even the days and nights you proclaimed
Said you’d be there
For months almost a whole year 
That card was played dear
But now you call your self a servant of God
So did Jesus tell you to break my heart?
I wonder how it would have that night in the dark
If I did not call you to the car
I wonder if you would have even made it
You probably would still be a secular poet
I know I was a big piece to the puzzle quoted
Of the big picture you are now holding
But there is one thing that you lack
Take up all your ego and sale it back
To the devil whose stopping true love
Made for woman and man
From God above
But you are to stubborn to take heed
So you are deceived 
Disobedient to the King of Kings
But you never again have to worry about me
You’d rather have death as your glory
Remember God has the true story
I am really tired of hurting
Especially now you are trying to ignore me
I still got the victory
Not to mention your consistent lies
Your alibis and you constantly made me cry
I should have been happy
When you say goodbye
But I was stuck on the last one
When you said we work it out and you would try
But I am going to end it just like this
I knew I should put you out my house
The night that we first kissed
I counted the cost
Now I say you was not worth it
But God says you almost missed it
If it was not for me
You would not have even been interested
God will give me crown for this
Endurance until the end
And I’m in it 
I love you
Even though you do not except 
And cat got your tongue
So you won’t admit 
Your love for me did exist
You are power hungry wimp
With a non-teachable spirit
And self indulgent 
Finally I quit
Jesus finished it